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Meditating can provide you with more energy, which is useful for your mental strength as well. When you have energy, you are more able to make good decisions and have the mental and physical strength to keep moving forward. Perhaps the most convincing argument for adding the exercise to your repertoire is the convenience of it. A study showed minute daily meditation to be able to reduce stress. In addition to feeling less stressed, the participants were also more forgiving towards their fellow peers. Getting started with meditation is not difficult. You can find plenty of good apps to guide you through and you can learn a basic meditation from the video with Nayaswami Maria:.

When things start bothering you and when you find yourself worrying about things, stop to think what is your role in terms of the solution. If not, stop thinking about it and if yes, focus on the solution. A more productive way is to think how to turn it into a success indoors — focusing your energy on making use of things instead of just complaining about them. Next time you notice a negative thought — no matter what it is about — replace it with a productive one. If you catch yourself thinking:. For example, you should think:. It can be helpful to your willpower if you start paying more attention to the motivation behind your actions.

The exercise of viewing your motivations through actions — whether it is solving problems or getting through a difficult event — can guarantee you stay focused on the big picture. It reminds you of the things that really matter — your sense of helping others feel more loved or your desire to be a better person. The exercise of finding the motivator gives you the extra kick to soldier through. Overall, your ability to be more mindful about your decisions — even the automatic ones — can help improve your willpower.

In terms of your automatic decisions, start paying more attention to them and occasionally mix them up.

Mentally Tough - Proven Keys to Success (Paperback)

Questioning your actions, even these automatic and non-important ones will help you focus more and become better at analyzing a specific situation. If you occasionally change your habits around — drinking your coffee black or with almond milk — you can further ensure you understand your reasoning and you learn that change is not always bad. You can also start improving your mental strength by keeping a closer eye on what you put on your plate and how you spend your money.

Research has found that the act of food journaling to boost willpower. Quite simply, the act of having to write down everything you ate takes a bit of guts. You first need to take the time to write it down, but you also need to be more mindful of what you eat.

Not to mention that writing down your food consumption makes you face your decisions and perhaps learn to accept your dietary mistakes and mishaps.

Tracking food can lead to healthier food choices and better health gives you more energy and resilience. Staying on top of your spending can also boost your focus and willpower. Knowing you need to write down the additional coffee you bought on your way home can make you stop for a second and re-think the viability of your decision. If you had to track your spending — all of it — for a week, you probably would spend differently, right?

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The fact you need to write something down; to review your spending decision is enough to help you spend more time thinking about the action and whether it is the right decision to make. Therefore, the exercise is to start keeping a daily food journal and tracking your finances. You can find apps for both purposes — MyFitnessPal is great for tracking food and apps like Mint and PocketGuard can be used for staying on top of your spending.

If you find apps stressful or inconvenient, you can use the old-fashioned pen and paper technique. Simply jot down the things you eat and buy everyday and keep taking note of the unhealthy or unhelpful habits you might have. No one really likes deadlines.

How to Master Mental Toughness - James Lawrence on Impact Theory

Yet these timely reminders that tell us we need to get our act together can help build resilience, focus and willpower. Although not a recommended tactic to use, think about the times you had a big deadline coming up and you spend the previous 24 hours just working like nuts? Research has found that even self-imposed deadlines can work in adding focus to your activities. The structure can then help you organize — become better at knowing which tasks require attention know and how much you are able to get done on a specific day.

Start creating self-imposed deadlines with your To Do-list. Instead of simply listing things you must do, add a deadline to them as well. The video by Successful by Design has great tips on how to set deadlines you can actually stick to:. Why risk a holiday in Mexico if I know Argentina gives me everything I want? Stepping out of the comfort zone , trying things that are unusual and putting yourself in uncomfortable positions. Start by placing yourself in unusual, perhaps unwanted and uncomfortable situations, more regularly.

Try a new food item every week or watch a movie that is totally out of your comfort zone.

2. Establish healthy ways to deal with uncomfortable emotions.

If you plough through an experience like this, you get the confidence to know you can do it. You can then start stepping further away from your comfort zone, experiencing emotions that are not pleasant. Go to a poem citing to speak in front of a long of people, join a language learning course or launch your own website. When people start a weight-loss journey or a fitness regime, they tend to monitor how well they are doing. They measure the weight, they keep track of how far and fast they can run, or the weights they can lift. Similarly, you should monitor your improvement in mental strength and resilience.

As you embark on the journey, take the following steps and make these exercises the core of what you do:. Mental strength can be trained just like your muscles. You can use the above exercises to become more resilient — to be able to control your emotions and to respond to changes in a more constructive and positive manner.

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It takes time and effort to get your mind to where you want it to be. Athletic success requires a combination of things including physical prowess, technical skills, and mental skills. No one part contributes to optimal performance more than mental toughness. Persist — Mental toughness helps you persist despite the pressure of competition, adversity, injury, reduced playing time, missed opportunities, losses and mistakes.

Resist — Mental toughness facilitates not giving into fear, doubts, anxiety, negative thinking and worry.

How to test mental toughness

Assist — Mental toughness assists you to push the limits of your training, learn new technical skills, manage your emotions in a variety of competitive circumstances, prepare fully for competition, and maintain a positive perspective. Mental toughness also helps you perform well under pressure, improve weaknesses in your game, focus on the things you can control, find new ways to raise your game, rise to athletic challenges, be tenacious and accomplish your goals. With all these proven benefits of mental toughness , why would any athlete neglect mental toughness training?

The Lightning were heavily favored to win and were the highest-scoring team in the league by 20 goals this year, 30 more goals than the Blue Jackets scored this season. In addition, the Lightning tied an NHL record with their 62 regular-season wins compared to the Blue Jackets who won just 47 games. The Blue Jackets, who were the eighth seed, won the first playoff series in five attempts sweeping the Lightning in four games.

The Blue Jackets won Game 1, , despite being down after the first period. The next three games, the Blue Jackets outscored the Lightning Mental Toughness gives you the extra push and that decisive edge to play hard no matter who you are playing, no matter where you are playing and no matter when you are playing. Mentally tough athletes view games as challenges and opportunities to bring your game to the next level.

Mental toughness is both a mindset and habit. Mental toughness is grown by challenging yourself instead of backing down. Consider these challenges as mental tests. In school, to do well on a test, you need to study beforehand and free your mind from distractions when taking the test.