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Except the dying resort owner holds the key to legend about a generations-old crime, a crime that is worth way too much to those who want the legend to be true. Webb soon discovers that what lurks in the sun, sand and shallow waters of the Keys is much more dangerous than a slashing game fish.

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And along the way, he learns an important truth about himself and his own past. A trip to a remote lake in northern Ontario with his grandfather doesn't thrill Steve, especially since his twin brother, DJ, was taken to Central America. Matters start to look up when his grandfather tells Steve about the mysterious death of the artist Tom Thomson and sets him the task of finding Thomson's missing skull.

Steve loves mysteries, but when odd things begin happening and strange people start threatening him, Steve wonders whether this is part of his grandfather's plan.

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Is this still a simple puzzle, or is something far more sinister going on? In this thrilling prequel to Lost Cause and Broken Arrow, the history- and mystery-loving Steve ends up in remote northern Ontario. When Rennie's dad, the Major, goes overseas on assignment, he enlists his mother-in-law to babysit Rennie. A guy who's about to turn fifteen! But Grandma is no surrogate drill sergeant. She has fun on her mind. Sylvia V. They danced garlanded in poppy, clematis, the spired asphodel. They danced the dark path, the spiraled way to the black She is a great clatter-bash of gnostic lightning.

Wherever she is, she can remember a place before that. She has charisma in every setting.

They are a disappointment. She sleeps in a bus shelter. A wandering deity - by turns a woman, a salmon, and something else entirely that it is difficult to talk about - decides to revive her affections for the ancient Celtic god of the sea, Mannanan Mac Lir, and heads for the shoreline.

Seven Sisters Series 3 Books Bundle (Seven Sisters) by Lucinda Riley

And none of them think in myth anymore. They utter static and call it language. Unimpressed, she tells an Inuit tale to refresh their minds, to loosen their imaginations. By treating them as holy and unnameable, her riddles offer up exaltations in a sideways fashion, casting new light on the familiar, and making the usual numinous and alive. In this way, minute moments of reality can be taken apart and beheld from within in an entirely unsettling manner.

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Together they create a work in the artistic-mythic-bardic tradition of boundary-questioning and riddle-contests, which seeks to cut a key or uncover a spell to open a Door in the Stone. Each of the nine praise-poems here is a riddle for you to untangle, with the help of Rima's stunning ink and scratchboard illustrations, beautifully reproduced as litho-prints in this exquisite and eminently-collectable book.

You spin about me as He lived by a stream at the bottom of a hill not far from a small, sleepy village. Now in that village there were many children and they often played in the fields nearby, but never on the hill where the Oak People grew, for that hill was said to be haunted. The story goes like this.. Each of these seven small prose-poems takes the reader deeper into the leaf-mulch and humus of the story-forest, deeper into the place where myth and story and self become one tale being told.

The Seven Series (Bundle)

The other-than-human realm is speaking clearly; each tale invites the reader to hear the words being spoken, ever-more-urgently. A former New Yorker, she now lives in a small English village surrounded by artists and sheep. He lived by a stream Sample Product. Add to cart. When his brother Bunny vanishes from the Toronto City Hall skating rink, Spencer, a budding filmmaker, finds himself plunged into the stuff of movie thrillers: kidnapping, terrorists, intrigue, a missing document, a world-famous pop star, disguises, romance and a rogue Devil's Pass Seven Series.

Seventeen-year-old Webb's abusive stepfather has made it impossible for him to live at home, so Seventeen-year-old Webb's abusive stepfather has made it impossible for him to live at home, so Webb survives on the streets of Toronto by busking with his guitar and working as a dishwasher. When Webb's grandfather dies, his will stipulates that Double You Seven Sequels Series.

Was Grandpa really a traitor, as some of the evidence suggests? From the Dead Seven Sequels Series.

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Thousands of dollars in foreign currencies. A mystifying notebook.

Multiple passports, some obviously fake. A gun. A disguise. And a photo of some Nazis. Orca Footprints Teacher Guide. Orca Footprints is a nonfiction series for middle readers that answers kids' questions about the Orca Footprints is a nonfiction series for middle readers that answers kids' questions about the state of the natural world, resource sustainability and how to be global citizens. Using the Orca Footprints series, this guide helps educators build an inquiry-based