Tales of a French Scent Hound

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Ear infections left untreated may require surgical repair or can even lead to deafness.

Basic Training :: Hounds

They are diggers and often get split, cracked, or chipped nails so keep them as short as possible and file any jagged edges. He teeters on being lazy and will require all the encouragement you can give him. Being sure he gets exercised will keep him happy, healthy, and will also help reduce the chance of him getting into mischief. He borders on being overweight so any lax in the routine can pack the pounds on him. Playtime in between walks is excellent for him. Brain game exercises are good for the Basset.

Field trials are also fabulous for the Basset. Overly sensitive yet willing to get into trouble if it is worth it, like say He is extremely needy and usually suffers from separation anxiety. His body is loooong!

The tale of the Great Basset Hound Rescue

So, pet parent, beware. The Basset is a lover of people. He is excellent with humans of any age. He is gentle with children and even with babies and will even tolerate rambunctious youngsters who tug on his ears. That is one thing that should never be allowed though nor should pets or children be allowed to jump on his back.

This dog is a pack dog from the top of his head to his fat little feet. He loves being with a full house of humans and pets and if any of them leave, even to go to the restroom, he will usually cry. He fully believes a pack is to be together at all times. Loyal and loving, he is quite the social guy, even with strangers.

Speaking of barking, this dog can and will bay. He also howls when he is bored. It is adorable but Many come unglued during thunderstorms, howling at the top of their lungs throughout the entire storm.

Basset Hound – Fun Facts and Crate Size

It can get old quick, especially for neighbors. While the Basset is certainly docile enough for small space living, his baying and howling may not go over well with those who live nearby. They would rather be sleeping next to you on the sofa.

The toughest dog on the planet makes its debut at Westminster.

A strong characteristic the Hush Puppy Dog carries over from his heritage is stubbornness. Imagine hunting down a rabbit. The rabbit jumps in and out of the brush and runs in holes. And so the story goes He got one thing in his mind and that was what he was going to do Not much has changed. Refer back to the need to establish your role as the alpha leader and that is much of the reason why.

That will be your saving grace. Being a hound means he is easily distracted by scents. To him, his nose and his pack are everything. It is imperative to be aware of the fact that if he picks up on a scent, he may take off after it. It is good to keep him on a leash for this reason. If he does, even if you call him, he is likely not to even hear you.

Tales of a French Scent Hound – Dachshund Rescue List

Not only do Basset Hounds look a little silly, but they also act silly too a lot of the time. They love to clown around, especially when it gets them the attention they crave and In some ways, Bassets can be a handful. They are sweet though and because they love so deeply, with patience and persistence, there is nothing that cannot be worked through. Training a Basset Hound is not for the weak of heart nor is it for wimps.

If you are not the type of person who can stand your ground, forget about it because this dog can! Although Bassets are a challenge to train, they are, contrary to popular belief, quite smart. When given a command, a Basset Hound may just look at you.

See a Problem?

Some take that for a sign that this dog is not intelligent but nothing could be further from the truth. Due to his instinctive nature, this hound is independent. Thus, disciplining him does little to benefit a given situation. With that all in mind, as stated before, he is a pack animal. Your hope is being an assertive pack leader. Your other hope is in Bassets love to eat.

They are apt to get flat out fat so you will have to be careful but at least initially in training classes, the temptation of treats is something he cannot resist. You are likely to have him potty trained in a day with a pocket full of treats as his incentive.

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He warms up to strangers, humans, and animals, quite easily. You would do well to acquaint him to loud, scary noises Socializing at an early age is important for all dogs. Obedience training is where the rubber hits the road. That is when he very well may balk. He does respond to praise but mostly when he wants to.

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  • Treats are the sure bet but once he learns something, like to sit or shake, then begin to back off on the treats. It is important that no matter how difficult the task, you do train him in obedience. It will help keep him safe. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Talbot disambiguation. Retrieved Country Contentments or the Husbandman's Recreations. The Chase Book 1 Ll Archived from the original on Dogs originating in Britain.

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