Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten: Erfolgreich bei Bachelor- und Masterarbeit (German Edition)

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For some, company is a distraction; for others, it is helpful. There is no single right way to do things, and everyone is different. I'm a Michigan native and currently live in Tennessee. I have a degree in Music Business and have always been passionate about writing and language. As a native English speaker working on French and Italian, I understand the difficulties and frustrations of not being able to express yourself as well as you'd like with a new language.

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My favorite aspects of editing are that I get to help students strengthen their academic writing skills and become more confident writers. One of my favorite Ernest Hemingway quotes comes from his memoirs, A Moveable Feast, when he struggles with writer's block. Hemingway looks out over the roofs of Paris and thinks, "Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. Although Hemingway's words were in reference to a different kind of writing, it's easy to get discouraged in the world of academic writing as well. Sometimes it helps to step back, take a deep breath, and know that the words will come to you.

Another tip I have for writing is to read, read, read! When you experience different types of vocabulary and varieties of sentence construction through reading, you will inevitably become a better writer. I grew up in a small rural town in the US and received my BA in sociology and international affairs. After that, I started my career in Egypt, and I recently moved to Myanmar. Living abroad and working in various communications-related jobs has given me a much greater appreciation of just how challenging and really impressive!

I work with Scribbr because I like help students both improve their papers and learn to become better writers. For me, editing is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Writing tip: If you know that you struggle with a specific aspect of writing, make an effort to notice and correct it in your next academic paper.

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When I was in secondary school, I had a tendency to repeat the same words in my writing. To correct this, my teacher limited me to using most words no more than three times in a single paragraph. After months of painstakingly editing my papers and researching appropriate synonyms, the work started to become much easier. My writing style also became much more dynamic. Ich war begeistert und stieg direkt nach meinem Abschluss M. Dort arbeitete ich viele Jahre und lernte alles rund um das "richtige Schreiben".

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Mein Tipp: Hinter einem guten Text steht immer eine gute Vorbereitung. So hast du stets das Ziel deiner Arbeit vor Augen und es wird dir leichter fallen, auf den Punkt zu formulieren. Schon zu Schulzeiten gefiel es mir, Fremdsprachen zu erlernen, die Grammatik der Sprachen kennenzulernen und zu verstehen und sogar Diktate zu schreiben.

Zudem reizte mich das Korrigieren von Arbeiten und Texten. Mein Tipp: Gebt Verben eine Chance! In wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten wird oft dazu tendiert, lange zusammengesetzte Substantive zu bilden oder viele Substantive aneinanderzureihen. Meist wird das Lesen und Verstehen von Texten dadurch erschwert.

I currently live in the state of Kentucky after covering a good portion of the United States in previous legs of my journey. After initially pursuing an academic career, I decided to switch to translating and editing. I enjoy both because of the breadth of subject matter that I get to work with.

While I am helping you improve your English, you are helping me learn about new subjects and ideas! English writing tip: know and use the best reference resources. Use the most reputable dictionaries if possible: the Oxford English Dictionary for general reference and for British spelling and usage, and Webster for American English. Use corpora to check usages and collocations: the Corpus of Contemporary American English and the British National Corpus are available online for free and are incredibly useful. Learning how to use these will give you a valuable tool for years to come.

Even as a native speaker and professional editor I find that I use these resources more, not less, as I get older.

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Born in the United States but raised mainly in Canada, I have always been fascinated by the many different cultures found both in North America and around the world. Most interesting to me is how our cultures set us all apart but communication--no matter the language--brings us all together. Our various abilities and passions allow us to tell engaging and inspiring stories, and through those stories, we connect with one another. This fascination with culture and communication is what led me to complete a BA in Honours English, a certificate program on publishing, and a certification course on TESL.

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With the hope of helping others to refine their writing skills, I have been working as a freelance editor ever since. I am thrilled to be a Scribbr editor because it means I will have the chance to connect with both editors and students from those many different cultures I mentioned and not only learn from them but also share my own North American culture, English language, editing abilities, and passion for reading and learning from all the things.

After all, a well-written and informative thesis can and should be just as engaging and inspiring as a work of fiction, and the best advice I can offer to any writer, let alone academic writers, is to read voraciously and try to learn as much as you can from the writing. Fiction, non-fiction--anything and everything will do. Simple as that. Ich war komplett gefangen und fasziniert von den Gedanken und Wortgebilden.

Jedes Buch war eine weitere, spannende Reise, die ihr Ende erst mit dem Lesen der letzten Seite fand. So vermeidet ihr sowohl Zeichensetzungsfehler als auch ein falsches Angleichen der Verben oder Adjektive. I currently live in Seattle, although I have lived and worked all over the world, including in Greece, Australia, and Nepal. For the past 14 years, I have worked as a freelance and newspaper editor, and as a writer, researcher, and English teacher.

My students include both native and non-native English speakers, and over the years I have taught everything from business English to Shakespeare. My favorite part of teaching English is helping others to improve their writing. I pay very close attention to detail, and I assure you that I treat your papers and theses with as much care as if they were my own.

Helping you to improve your written English and to succeed academically is extremely rewarding for me. When I am not working, you will most likely find me dangling off a cliff somewhere in the mountains.

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I am an avid rock climber and mountaineer, and I still occasionally work as a guide and outdoor educator. In many cases, two shorter sentences are much better than one longer sentence. Dem Journalismus bin ich nach dem Studium treu geblieben und habe ein ganz klassisches Volontariat bei einer Regionalzeitung absolviert. My work and personal academic experiences have provided me with an intensive exposure to academic writing and have fueled my obsessions with grammar and etymology!

In Budapest, I am working as an ESL teacher and freelance editor while attending a university program in Hungarian language. I understand the common diffulties and problems faced when trying to master English, and I love helping my students not only correct, but also understand their mistakes so that they can be avoided in the future. Writing tip: It is easy to get lost in specific terminology when describing a complex topic, and sentences often become lengthy, confusing, and equally as complex! I always encourage my students to try to be as clear as possible and try to read their own sentences from the perspective of someone who is not familiar with the topic.

Gliederung einer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit - Wie man sie schreibt & was es zu beachten gilt?

Clarity and consistency can go a long way in making a complex concept easy to understand. Formulierungen einfacher und komplexerer Art gehen mir leicht von der Hand.

Ich sehe Ungarisch, Deutsch und Englisch als meine Muttersprachen an. Eigentlich wollte ich Schriftstellerin werden — wie wahrscheinlich viele von uns — aber das bleibt vorerst noch ein Traum. Es kann verborgene Emotionen ans Tageslicht bringen, es kann Menschen vereinen und gegeneinander stimmen.

Auch wenn du ein Genie auf deinem Gebiet bist, wird deine Arbeit nur perfekt werden, wenn du die perfekte Fragestellung findest. Sie sollte sich wie ein roter Faden durch deine gesamte Arbeit ziehen. Das wird allen unterrichtet, doch beim Schreiben ist es trotzdem ein Leichtes, die Forschungsfrage in Vergessenheit geraten zu lassen. Der Trick? Klebe es auf deinen Bildschirm. So siehst du sie beim Beginnen jeder Seite und du hast einen durchgehenden Anhaltspunkt. Wie viele Fragen hast du schon in deinem Leben beantwortet?

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Auch auf deine Forschungsfrage kannst du eine Antwort finden. My background is in the humanities. Having just finished my own dissertation, I am intimately familiar with the challenges of academic writing, and am looking forward to passing along many of the tips and tricks that I learned along the way to you in my work as a SCRiBBR editor.

I am also very well acquainted with the difficulties of writing in a foreign language. I am currently working to receive French equivalency for my American PhD - a process which includes re-writing or translating a good portion of my dissertation into French! As an instructor at a large American university during my doctoral work, I also have many years of experience working with non-native English speakers in a university classroom.

I'm happy to bring all of these years of experience to my work as an academic editor. Writing tip: When you're feeling stuck, find a quiet place and read what you've written out loud! It also helps to give you a different "vision" of your text because it forces you to slow down and read each word carefully and consider your text in a new way. Mein Tipp: Es sich nicht selbst schwer machen!

I have been an English teacher for almost 15 years. I have taught various classes in speaking, reading, writing, literature, and research to high school students. I have authored three textbooks in English used by private schools in Manila. I recently moved to the Netherlands. Aside from attending my Dutch classes, I spend my time exploring every bookshelf at the public library and helping a number of students prepare for the Cambridge English Test.